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Our new Android Training Batch will start from August 2, 2014. Go for either weekday or weekend batch. Batch size is limited to 5. Call +91-9560597070. or course details visit http://cwide.in/android-course-content/


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IMG_7121IMG_7117Training in Full Swing

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Android Advanced Development Demo Session at our new office- 29th March 2014



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The future is mobile, and the future for mobile is apps.
We all use mobile apps for ordering pizza, getting directions, playing games, weather updates, social networking, checking account balance, reserving storage units, taking doctor appointments etc. When people we have smart phone in our hands, we have answers to everything on our fingertips.
Mobile app development is a fast growing industry. As the number of mobile and smart phones increases day by day, businesses are developing innovative mobile apps to attract the target audience.
So, don’t wait and create your own Android App in just 30 Days. 

BASIC ANDROID COURSE- DURATION- 35 Hours – 1 Hour everyday (MON-FRI). FEES- INR 8,000



Module 1- Cannot wait to build my First Android App
Getting started with android
Android Features
Android Architecture
Android Application fundamentals
Android App Components
Android SDK
Building your First App

Module 2- I need more screens in my App
Creating an Activity
Declaring the activity in the manifest
Starting an Activity
Shutting Down an Activity
Managing the Activity Lifecycle
Implementing the lifecycle callbacks

Module 3- Show me the GUI
UI design
Components and layouts-Linear Layout, Relative Layout
Write the XML
Load the XML Resource
Attributes- ID, Layout Parameters,Position, Size, Padding and Margins
Binding to Data with AdapterView
List View- Simple List, Custom List
Working with resources- String resource, Color resource, Array resource

Module 4- Can my App call another App
Intent Types
Building an explicit Intent
Building an implicit intent
How to create an App Chooser
Intent Resolution
Calling Camera and take picture

Module 5- The story behind Services and Background Running Service
Creating a Service
Lifecycle of a Service
Running Service in Background

Module 6- Let’s have a “Dialog”
Creating a Dialog Fragment
Building an Alert Dialog
Adding buttons
Showing a Dialog
Dismissing a Dialog

MODULE 7- KNOCK KNOCK Who is it – It’s Notification in your tray. Listen to the Broadcast
Creating a simple notification
Removing notifications
Broadcast Receivers

MODULE 8- Lets raise a TOAST for the users
The Basics
Creating and Positioning your Toast

Module 9- Bugs on my Left, Bugs on my right
Debugging android applications
Debugging Tips
Debugging tools

Module 10- Looking for Storage Space? We are here to help you
Using Shared Preferences
Using the Internal Storage
Using the External Storage
Using Databases

Module 11- Connect me to a server
Web services
Parsing JSON data
Parsing XML data- Simple API XML Parser

Module 12- Painless MultiThreading for performance
Mutithreading in Android
Asynch Task

Module 13- Get Set Go- Ready to take off to the Playstore
Preparing Your Application for Release
Releasing Your Application to Users

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HI All. I am really excited to share with you all the launch of “Android Cafeteria” at our new office. Come and have coffee with us.

COFFEE…..CHAT… CONNECT…CODE….That’s what we do at CWIDE

Take the membership now and avail huge discounts and offers. For more info Call us at


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The Delhi IT Professionals Meetup group successfully conducted a Multi Session : IT Trends Meetup this Sunday, December 16th 2012. The event was a tremendous success with all the interesting subjects lined up one after another, thanks to Saket Bansal, the founder of iZenbridge Consultancy Pvt Ltd ….Well, I call him the PMP guy.:)…..  All the speakers were experts in their respective fields…….( oh and did I include myself in here..:P )…and I consider myself fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful event.

The subjects included the NOSQL likes mongoDB …( Does anyone like Oracle ? oh yes the Explain Plan of their SQL’s is good and the RAC is good….but they did bought over MySQL to kill it…didn’t they ??? )

Where was I ??? oh yeah……back to the Meetup blog now……The venue was Central Blue Stone, Sector 29, Gurgaon and the event started sharp at 10 AM. The batch was a mix of interesting folks: .Entreprenuers, web techies, folks working on .Net,Java , HTML5, Node.js, Javascript

The opening session was from Sunita Biddu Entreprenuer, SEO and Social Media consultant.  Sunita threw some useful insight on some of the social media management tools like social mention, hootsuite, sproutsocial etc. Wow !!!  A wonderful session indeed.

After a wonderful tea break, there was a session on OpenShift and MongoDB. The presenter was Shekhar Gulati, an OpenShift Evangelist. This session was about how you can use MongoDB geospatial indexing capabilities to build a location aware job search application. While Shekhar was presenting his session, I was wondering about writing an Android App to develop a location based job search .:) (ofcourse !!.. I guess old habits die hard)..For all those who are new to the term openshift, it is a free, scalable, multi- language, multi-cartridge and open source platform available as a service from Red Hat.

After Shekhar’s session, it was the time for lunch ( the food was good…!! )… and ineraction with some wonderful people working on cutting edge technologies like node.js and SenchaTouch.

Post lunch, it was my session. The agenda for my session was to get any interested developer get started with Android programming. It was geared towards both newbies and experienced developers who would like to learn what it takes to get started with programming their first Android applications. Initially i had planned to make it a fully technical hands on development session, but as we had a mixed bunch of audience i decided to keep the development part of the session a little simple so that all can follow it. The first half of the session focussed on what is android, various versions of android. My favorite topic of discussion was Future of Android and I was glad to share some of the cool things in this session, such as Android@home sdk, android accessory development kit, Amkette EVO tv based on Android and Samsung Android based Camera. There is so much happening around this little green robot but within a specific time one can only talk as much. The second half of the session focussed on building a small app. The aim was to familiarise the newbie with the Android Project structure. Yes, there were some initial hiccups like eclipse installation crashing, emulator not starting, but we successfully overcame all these issues. The biggest achievement of my session was android app developed in almost half an hour by a non techie guy, Dr. Raju SMG , Managing Trustee of STOP TB India, NGO. It was encouraging to see that interest in Android as a platform is significant enough.

After my session, it was Talk on Big Data by Neha Mehta. After 45 minutes of her session, i found myself surrounded by just figures and numbers 🙂 On a serious note, I came to know of goglobe and coolinfographics. Thanks to Neha.

I enjoyed my interaction with all the attendees and got some real good feedback on my session from the participants.

All in all, it was a good break from Android and learn other things happening around and this brought me back to feed my sweet little blog which was hungry for wonderful things happening around me !!!

BTW pics can be found here: http://www.meetup.com/Delhi-Pro/photos/12209292/

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